Pyro-Circle, 2002
We live in a world where media can show us the latest news from the other side of the world. The media we select to view and tune into controls our perception of the world around us. In our media dominated world a filter has been created between the real event and the perceived event. The window we choose to view the world through shapes our reality. My latest work Pyro-Circle, looks at this temporal divide that is created by a new media event.

In Pyro-Circle, a video camera was mounted on a arm to document the burning of fuse powder on a wood table. As the fuse powder burnt around the circular table the camera rotated on the arm following the action. In the exhibited piece the camera as been replaced with a color LCD screen that plays the fiery event that was recorded earlier.

Medium: Aluminum, stainless steel, L.C.D. screen, electronics, D.C. motors, D.V.D. loop.
Dimensions: 6' x 3' x 3'

Burn Image

Pyro-Circle, (detail of video image)

Movie Image

Pyro-Circle, Quick Time Movie


Pyro-Circle, ( LCD & table detail )

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full image

Pyro-Circle, (wide view)