Acoustical Landscape


Acoustical landscape, 2002-2010, exposes the hidden signals found in the materials of our world into an audible composition. A
circular tray set at an angle rotates under a scanning arm.  I.R. sensors on the underside of the arm read the light and dark areas of a landscape of dirt, lawn patch seeds, moss and green instant garden squares. As the infrared sensors scan the materials rotating below, producing data. Actuators mounted on three sound instruments mounted on the wall display this data. These sound instruments resemble an akimba, an African instrument played by the plucking of metal strips mounted over a resonate chamber. This kinetic sound sculpture was originally produced in 2002 and updated with a new tray compostion in 2010.

Medium: aluminum, steel, electronics, I.R. sensors, D.C. motors, soil, moss, lawn patch seeds and green instant garden squares.

Dimensions: 80in. x 36in.x 40in.


Acoustical Landscape_movie

Acoustical Landscape, Quicktime Movie (click to play)

Acoustical Landscape

Acoustical Landscape (click to enlarge)

a.l., grass

Acoustical Landscape, detail of tray first week (click to enlarge)


Acoustical landscape, sound elements

Acoustical Landscape, detail of sound elements(click to enlarge)

A.L., grass w2

Acoustical Landscape, detail of tray second week (click to enlarge)

A.L., grass detail

Acoustical Landscape, detail of grass second week (click to enlarge)