Breathing Room
The physical proximity we share with other people, animals and automated technology conditions the mind and body. What are the ramifications of this chess game of bodies? How much are we mentally strained by our contemporary environment? In Breathing Room A participant walks on an elevated platform constructed of steel grating. As the visitor walks they trigger infrared sensors that control a mobile robot. The mobile robot can move anywhere in the room as well as underneath the platform. The topside of the robot has mechanical gills that cover a light box. These gills open and close at a rate that is proportional to the activity in the room. The net effect is the robot breathes light, amplifying its personal activity into entire space. The mobile robot will get increasingly agitated as activity increases on the platform breathing faster and ultimately taking action either choosing to fight of take flight. In some cases the robot will ram the platform on which the viewer/s are standing or hide in the corner. The room atmosphere is further conditioned by the playing of digital recordings of subway train platforms.

Medium: Steel, wood, sensors, electronic wiring, motors, wood, halogen light, cable, embedded digital controllers, ISD audio chips.
Dimensions: 12' x 15'x 20'

Breathing Room

Breathing Room, 1998


robot detail

Breathing Room, Detail of Robot with "breathing" halogen light vents.

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