Light Structures, 1997

The world in which we live is a complex web information where systems overlap, coexist and produce entirely new systems. Our urban landscape is in a constant state of flux. On one scale the streets ebb and flow with the movement traffic. Yet, on a scale that differs both in the temporal and physical the structures of our world are in motion.

Light Structures is an event characterized by continual change. This change takes place first with the viewer whose motion turns on halogen lights within the corresponding structures, projecting patterns on the ceiling. The 5 structures in turn move up and down changing the projected grid patterns on the ceiling. This is a light sensitive piece and has been exhibited in different light environments. Natural sunlight sets the whole piece to the 24hr cycle of the sun. Light Structures has also been exhibited with a streetlight in the gallery set on a short 12-min timer creating shortened daily cycle. Computer control of this sculpture allows development of a program that creates diverse compositions. Light sensors in each structure read environmental changes altering each programs sequence. The viewer has pivotal role in my work, causing various permutations and changes in the sculptures time composition. Plants are hung from the ceiling surrounding the structures to create a visual line that acts like a ground plane.

Medium: steel, aluminum, plants, aluminum screen, motors, wire, white canvas, 5 programmable microcontrollers.

Dimensions: variable with an average size: height 11ft., width 15ft. and a depth of 15ft.

Light Structures

Light Structures

movie image

Light Structures, QuickTime Movie

tower detail

Light Structures, detail of illuminated structure

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mid range view

Light Structures, detail