Installation detail of Contained, 2010    
            Contained, night      

Contained, detail

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Contained has at its center an acrylic dome with a scale model of Chicago inside. Every 40 minutes a sun and moon complete a full rotation around this mechanical microcosm. Underneath the city electronic and mechanical elements control lighting effects within the model.  During the night cycle the city is lit with fiber optic and LED light. Within the dome “smog” created by ultrasonic humidifiers emits from the highway and the nearby coal fired power station. In this dome I am exploring the closed system that we live in. Viewers can access the dome in 2 ways. First, viewer can see the exterior of the dome object; this will look very much like some kind of orbiting satellite. Second viewers will access the work from a close-circuit camera setup on the exterior of the dome.  This camera connects to a monitor in the main lobby out of site of the sculptural element.  I want the viewer to question place, by juxtaposition of these 2 vantage points within the project. 

Date Completed: 2010, updated in 2014.
Dimensions: 48” L x 40” W x 60” H

Medium: aluminum, steel, acrylic, Arduino controllers, electronics, LED lights, fiber optics, tubing, air pump, ultra sonic humidifier, water vapor, video camera, monitor, A.C. motor, optical switch, wireless video transmitter.