Malignancy, installation detail of frozen plate, 2018    





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Moulin’s are the blue melt spots as large as a lake or as small as a blue hole that are created when melt water accumulates and cuts its way down through glacial ice.  The dark blue color of these holes absorbs light and warms the pooling water to cause a feedback scenario where the Moulin expands and more melting occurs, drilling ever deeper into the frozen glacier. Parallels can found between this runaway growth and infections of the body.  I want explore the deceptive beauty of these blue lakes in a physical way and provoke dialogue around climate change.  Malignancy is an artwork where animations of Moulin’s are projected onto a frozen plate of ice.  Visitors can have a haptic relationship by touching the cold frozen plate. The video animation of the Moulin will enlarge as viewers approach or interact with the cooling plate. The inner workings of a reclaimed mini refrigerator are both functionally and visually incorporated into the sculptural form integrating the work into a whole system.  Here, as in nature the physical elements of light and ice converge, influenced by human presence.

Dimensions: 38'H x 14"W x 26"D (cooling mechanism).