Ottumwa, Past and Present













  Flow of Life, 2021    




  Flow of Life   We Are One   We Are One   Caretakers of The Land              
  Caretakers of The Land   Age of Steam   Age of Steam                



Ottumwa - Past and Present is an installation of light sculptures by Daniel Miller exploring the iconography of Ottumwa. Each of these four lightsculptures symbolically engage the history and future of Ottumwa. Made from layered stainless steel and acrylic the sculptures are activated by light throughout the day.  During the day light hours light plays across the ground stainless steel surfaces.  Then in the evening LED Light emerges from within each form made of fabricated stainless steel laminated with clear acrylic.  From one angle these sculptures will form recognizable forms that align with the story of Ottumwa.  However, when the viewer adjusts their angle by 90 degrees the forms become line abstractions.  All of these sculptures are made from water jet cut stainless steel and laser cut acrylic and were completed in the spring of 2021. 

Materials: Stainless steel, Acrylic and LED lights.

Installation Site: Ottumwa, IA, coordinates: 41°01'03.1"N 92°24'43.3"W


Flow of Life: 52" x 50" x 28"

We Are One: 53" x 37" x 12"

Caretakers of The Land: 68" x 39" x 12"

Age of Steam: 66" x 30" x 15"

This project received funding and support from The Ottumwa Area Arts Council