Our lives are a wash in the rhythms, cycles and the cadences that control our lives. I am interested in exploring these oscillations.  Incorporating mechanical & digital technologies allows my ideas to interface the physical world in real time. My work exists in a tradition where art interfaces with science in an intimate way.  Time is an essential component in my work.  Through the use of code I am able to sequence and control timing of events. The use of robotics allows my artworks act as surrogate performers that create durational compositions. This artwork reflects the fact that we live in a transitional environment. Using various systems I am exploring the flow of different materials and the metaphors that can be explored in through these processes.  Many of these works are process pieces that explore systems of formation and ultimately entropy and decay.   My work references the body and its internal movements. I consider the parallels between these intimate organisms and the very large macro systems found in environmental processes. My interest in the material goes beyond aesthetic function.  I have been integrating recycled materials, for example plastics, by casting, slumping and further machining the material into new functional forms.

Recently I have produce a body or artwork that explore relationships to the natural world through simulating natural systems.  These dynamic artworks investigate the parallels and incongruities between the human experience and the natural world we inhabit.  Underlying themes explored include: climate change, human impact, the body, industrial processes, animal communication and the relationship of technology to the natural world.  The natural environment has evolved into system in equilibrium. In ecosystems there is a threshold where the system can no longer function when pushed beyond this boundary.  I am interested in the harmonies and dichotomies between the organic and the machine.  Through mimicking natural systems these artworks embrace the unpredictable, evolutionary and emergent properties of nature.  I want these artworks act as a catalyst generating questions with the viewer.